When all the money runs out trying to save a loved one or when you've tried every expensive rehab center in America, there is one more choice. One that makes you or them live in their own skin! Which is the first step on the road to recovery.

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 Miracles Beyond the Border represents a place where learning to live in your own skin is a must. I am the founder of Miracles Beyond the Border, Cathy Castelazo. I have experienced many situations in the drug world, not only with wonderful friends of my children but also with my own child, Michael. Watching all these rehabs promise so much and deliver so little, when they come out, was the very spark that motivated me to look for something different,  as American laws are on the side of the addict and feel that being an adult, even at the age of 18, they should be able to do as they please. I felt a rehab for repeat offenders and severe users need to forgo the therapy for a while, as many of them have learned to manipulate all of their therapists and sponsors anyway. What they need is to learn to just live in their skin. As they say, "A man get's his best ideas mowing the lawn"! When was the last time your loved one or you were able to just do the basic needs of life. Addicts can not take care of themselves or function appropriately. Getting back to the basics allows them to start on that road to recovery for life.

This is not your typical American, plush, comfy, high end or expensive rehab. When someone really wants to get clean, it doesn't matter where they are, they will go through a program and become clean. But what do you do with those that have lost all control over their lives and are going to die because of their chronic drug and alcohol use?

If you can not get them into a place that dries them out for a long period of time so that their bodies can heal and their brains can function once again to make better decisions, they will never have a fighting chance. The life of a red blood cell is every 4 months. They are not even truly detoxed until 6-12 months and then their brains really are not functioning appropriately until their cells are completely cleaned out of their drugs. Therapy is almost pointless until the brain can comprehend. 

The laws in California are so loose now that with Prop 36, many learn how to game the system and they just get worse until it's too late. They either die or they go to jail to sleep, watch TV and make friends with more drug addicts and criminals until they are released to go use with their new found friends from jail. And they are released, sometimes in one day as the police just arrest them and the courts can't put them anywhere as there is no room in the jails anymore. Our Department of Justice has issued to our law enforcement agencies that they are no longer interested in the amount of drugs caught on a person. So therefore, due to the lack of interest or ability to keep drug users someplace safe until they are done with using and give them therapy to learn to cope and live well, will not and cannot happen in our society anymore. Not until at least, things change to help these helpless drug addicts. Drug addicts know this and thus continue, knowing they can skirt the law for years. Many of them get on GR (Government Assistance) and Food Stamps and they trade those for drugs as well. So if you have a loved one that you can not stop and you fear for their lives, what can you do?

In C.R.R.E.A.D. rehabs, these addicts learn to do everyday chores. Simple but with purpose and discipline for structure. Addicts are constantly on the run and hiding from their true feelings and have suppressed them with their drugs, so they don't have to think about their lives or the pain they are suppressing. On the run constantly is a way of life for them. When doing these simple tasks of cleaning, cooking, sweeping, helping in the kitchen, etc, off drugs, they start to think once again and start to face themselves by learning to live in their own skins. At this point they want to leave. However, at a C.R.R.E.A.D. rehab, they find in themselves the need to stay with maximum security, discipline and cleansing of the body. Usually, by the third month, they are very grateful for their families placing them in a C.R.R.E.A.D. rehab.

Nutrition is a must, so therefore nutrients, based on science and 100% plant based, absolutely no synthetics, twice a day must be taken to help rebuild the damage done to the body and the brain. A must!

Healthy Body ~ Healthy Mind.
Time to step outside the
box of the "typical"!

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After 7 months of searching high and low for Michael, Cathy found him on 'skid row". After 5 days in ICU, due to the staff infections from Michael's drug use with meth and heroin, Cathy was able to place him in a C.R.R.E.A,D. rehab in Tecate, Mexico.
Click here to see her journey in saving Michael!

How to know if your loved one is using drugs? 

Physical Signs:

  • Eyes glassy, bloodshot and dilated pupils
  • Always sleeping or sleepy
  • Constant runny nose
  • Lacks appetite
  • Sweating all the time
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Decrease of muscular coordination
  • Insomnia
  • Sores all over from picking
  • Burn marks on the hands
  Emotional Signals
  • Nervous and easily irritated
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Lacks enthusiasm, loss of interest in things before
  • Radical changes in character and personality
  • Covering up or lying

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